So I’m in Starbucks in Sacramento on Alhambra and N Street.       I know. I  know…   ‘Phil how come you weren’t supporting local cafes that day?’ Well…I’m somewhat of a roving coffee drinker.   I have many spots, but this particular “Bucks” location has stayed with me for years because it’s like that old 80′s sitcom “Cheers – where everybody knows your name” lol. Besides the baristas are extra cool. So sometimes it’s just all about the vibe with the people around you, and the vibe there is nice.

I am definitely developing a habit of getting sidetracked when I blog.  Kind of like a dog noticing a squirrel when you’re telling him to sit. Some things are just too interesting to ignore.  But anywho..

So, as I sat and sipped on my mocha, I heard a huge crash outside. Looked out the window and notice three cars crunched up from smacking into each other.   Seems a lady driving an “old school” truck decided to slap on the brakes at a green light.   Grandma in the rear seemed to recognize the situation so she kept on at full speed.  And well, the poor lady in the middle seemed to get the worst of it sandwiched in between the two cars.        I figured oh well… the street is crowded…people will help out…(RIGHT?) a few min went past and I started to smell smoke. Looked out the window and everyone was staring as the lady sandwiched in the Jeep, while she screamed, trapped in her car.   Meanwhile, grandma in the rear was passed out.    All I could here around me was a man shouting “I think they are trapped “and “the cars are smoking bad we should move back”  OMG!!!!!    What the hell what happened to: “hey those people are in trouble” or “hey we should help them get out”.   It’s definitely times like these when you see 50 people or so gawking instead of helping, which furthers the idea that us as a society, have slipped further away from being socially responsible or caring people.

…. So I grabbed a tire iron out my car..   As the lady in the jeep gazed at me for help as I approached her window, I could see the relief on her face as she moved back and waited for me to do what someone should have done, before the smoke started to seep into her car.       I broke her window and pulled her out. All she could say was” NOBODY WOULD HELP I THOUGHT I WAS GUNNA DIE” and gave me a big hug.   Grandma was also rescued by some other great people who stepped up.   And the folks at the local Starbucks where kind enough to play host and provide a place for the injured to heal up before emergency services arrived.    All in all, it ended up well.  Funny thing…that old school truck had no damage at all.  Definitely thinking about getting one.


I know you have to be asking yourself, What is Coffee Shop “O” Malley ? I mean who would make a title like that for a blog article.   Well I have a habit of telling it like it is and my blog titles usually reflect that, so bear with me as I describe what transpired this enlightening day.

I have never been one to shy away from a crazy story.   I pretty much grew up around crazy., so my caomfort level is kind of second nature when it comes to the odd or atypical.

Today, I ended up on Madison Blvd in Sacramento for lunch. Figured I’d take in some sun, grab a cup of Java, and unwind. What better way to relax than at an outside patio at a local Java house right?

This Starbucks Coffee Shop was not your typical Starbucks.   It was one of those little miniature drive-through style cafes designed for the grab-and-go coffee fiend, so seating was restricted to outside only. Unfortunately sitting outside has its local character drawbacks as you will soon read about.

This brings me to my encounter with “Pimpin-“O”Malley” And no, that is definitely not his name, but it sure does fit . He kind of had a Saint Patty’s day style about him: Green saggy pants, gold shoes, a nice gold “Rolex watch” and a fat gold rope, like ones sported in the days of told school main stream hip hop, adorned by groups such as RUN DMC. He didn’t tell me his real name so I figured I go out on a limb and give him one that seemed to fit for this article.

For a good hour it was “O” Malley” and myself relaxing on a nice sunny day enjoying our Java. We even struck up a conversation about how relaxing it was to chill on a day like this and put in a bit of entrepreneurial work.   I showed him some of my artwork and designs, while he mentioned maybe later hooking up to go over some ideas he needed help on like a logo and web site design.   He mentioned being in the “Entertainment Business.   My reply: “really? Sounds cool what type?” His reply: “ oh you, know dating services, dancing, that kind of stuff. I’m waiting for a few of my employees right now.”

After another 30 minutes I saw two scantily dressed women in their late 30’s make a bee line for “O Malley” crossing the major street nearby.   I’d describe more of what they were wearing if there had been more to describe but there wasn’t, so I am limited to two thigh high glittering dresses, Six inch worn pumps, and a lot of gold dental work.   The two girls and “O Malley”, seemed happy enough after meeting up and exchanging pleasantries as they proceeded across the street to the local motel.

“O’Malley’s” last words as he crossed into the motel parking lot: Maybe we can get together for coffee again sometime. I’ll probably need that web site soon. They seemed to be in a celebratory mood. I guess Pimpin and Java work well for them.   Me, well I prefer art with my coffee and no cops.


So it’s 6:45 AM and man I’m up way to early to be sitting in a coffee shop on a Saturday morning.   Why? you ask; well you know, I Just figured I’d catch up on things. Write a couple of blog entries, do some drawings, sip some tea… you know the usual easily morning at a café type of thing that clears your mind and relaxes you for the long work week ahead.

I’m not a voyeur or anything like that, but when you’re sitting in the cafe looking out the window you tend to notice things, especially in the wee hours of the morning, when there is not a soul on the street.

So excuse me when I ask why in the heck would someone want to get a 40oz of king cobra at 6:45 am and power that puppy down like theirs no tomorrow?   Some would say; Phil how would you even know what type of brew that was?   Well I’ve never professed to being a saint lol.

During my college days I may have been the “typical” frat guy where long nights of study, beer and parties were a major part of my life and many of my closest friends most likely considered me the “Bluto” of my fraternity. Ever seen the movie “Animal House” well watch it and you’ll understand. Who says movies can’t motivate you to go to college lol. But I digress, that is DEFINATELY a blog for another day.

So not only was this dude in boxers; (like a brutha couldn’t tell he was wearing draws), he had a uniquely stained “wife beater” T-shirt on which oddly fit his “creative” early morning attire.  And the mid walk “rump scratch” …well let’s just say that topped this encounter off, initiating a round of laughter in the coffee shop.

And if I need to tell you what a “mid-walk-rump-scratch” is well this blog is “PG” and I definitely don’t want to contribute to the introduction of new creative slang entering the minds of children trolling the internet without there parent’s permission.

So tell me, Have you ever knocked back a 40oz of brew in the early AM ? I definitely want to know.   Oh and that question is definitely directed at a time period between 21 and 30 lol.   I figure If you have been doing it past that point “Ya got some issues and the solutions called AAA .  lol outside the random trip to Las Vegas of course.